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Wood basket, ser. Premium, size 2

Wood basket, ser. Premium, size 2
Wood basket, ser. Premium, size 2 Wood basket, ser. Premium, size 2 Wood basket, ser. Premium, size 2 Wood basket, ser. Premium, size 2 Wood basket, ser. Premium, size 2

Wooden baskets are a very decorative method of growing orchids. The root area of ​​the plants is well ventilated. The harder the wood, the longer its durability. In the wooden baskets orchids such as Aerides, Ascocenda, Vanda, Rhychnostylis and their numerous hybrids can be grown virtually substrate-free or with some coarse pieces of bark only.

Orchids like Stanhopea, Gongora, Acineta, Dracula u.v.m. have hanging or downwardly growing panicles and should be kept in the baskets with substrate as they need more water. Suitable for this is our Orchi-Mix (maybe put a grid in the floor) or Sphagnum.

Also Brassavola, Bulbophyllum, Cattleya, Coelogyne and many Dendrobium love wooden baskets because of the good ventilation, and look very attractive even in non-flowering condition.


      • Teak wood from plantation
      • grinded wood sticks for long time lasting baskets
      • selected wood
      • glued and rounded corners
      • we recommend quadruple hangers or thai hangers
      • available in many useful sizes
      • scope of dleivery: 1 wooden basket similar to picture
      • Please note: The baskets are hand made, the sizes might be variable


Overview Premium Series

Typ Material Dimensions
outside in cm (ca.)
inside in cm (ca.)
size of woodstrip
ca. in cm
durability surface corners weight
Size 1
Teak 9,5 x 9,5 x 7
8,5 x 8,5 x 6 1cm sanded rounded 200g
Size 2 Teak 12,5 x 12,5 x 8 11,5 x 11,5 x 7 1cm sanded rounded 250g
Size 3 Teak 15,5 x 15,5 x 9 14,5 x 14,5 x 8 1cm sanded rounded 300g
Size 4 Teak 18,5 x 18,5 x 10 17,5 x 17,5 x 9 1cm sanded rounded 380g
Size 5 Teak 20 x 20 x 10,5 19 x 19 x 9,6 1cm sanded rounded 450g
Size 6 Teak 22,5 x 22,5 x 11 21,5 x 21,5 x 10 1cm sanded rounded 600g
Size 7 Pine Wood
26 x 26 x 13 24,5 x 24,5 x 11 1cm sanded rounded 500g



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