.Floral Adhesive Kleber

.Floral Adhesive Kleber
.Floral Adhesive Kleber .Floral Adhesive Kleber .Floral Adhesive Kleber

Product Features & Benefits
(Source: Oasis)
Content: 50ml (1l =€ 178,00)

    • transparent cold glue
    • for fresh and dried flowers
    • gentle and secure
    • clean and fast
    • water resistant

Usage & application tips
Suitable for fresh and dried flowers. Sticks securely to glass, ceramics, wood, ribbons, etc. Sticks without injuring delicate leaf structures. This means secure hold, without staining on leaves and flowers.
Whenever you do not want to recognize splices, OASIS® Floral Adhesive remains invisible.

Easy mounting of Tillandsias with professional florist glue.
We have tested this glue since January 2018 on several Tillandsias, and the glue does not effect the plant in any negative way. Please note: Never apply glue, where roots or new shoots might grow!

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