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Hygrolon, approx. 50cm x 50cm

Hygrolon, approx. 50cm x 50cm

Hygrolon, 50cm x 50cm approx.

Hygrolon is produced from PET-plastics which are an amazing raw material used in many many common house hold products. One of the key advantages to PET-plastics is the fact that it can be processed into micro fibers. The extremely thin fibers and the special design of the weaving allows this fabric to store, wick, and transport large amounts of water. Thus, making it an ideal product for plant growth. You can use it for terrarium backwalls or mounting material for orchids, as a wick for water transport and many other things.....
Hygrolon consists of three layers. There are two identical outer layers that are made of the advanced woven fibers into a net pattern. The net pattern is extremely important in allowing air flow through the material as well as an area for roots to take hold. The middle layer is full of upright strands which help aid in additional air flow and moisture control.
Water getting in contact with Hygrolon will be soaked up immediately.

Technical Informations:

material: Polyetylentereftalat (PET)
fiber strength:
0,5 Denier (1 gram fiber equals about 18.000 meter)
water holding capacity: 285%*
3-5 µS
neutral, 7.0
UV-stable: yes

*manufacturer information


  • Hygrolon is pH neutral and non-decomposing. Has a low salinity and easy to rinse.
  • very easy to form
  • soaks up a lot of water, 2.5 times it's own weight.
  • root friendly material.
  • makes repotting due to decomposing superfluous, as Hygrolon is not rotting.
  • can be used with many (nearly all) kinds of plants.
  • Creates a microclimate around roots with lots of oxygen and moisture.

Hygrolon can be glued with many different types of adhesives. Very often hot glue or silicone are used. We recommend Spray adhesive like it is used with car interieurs. Note: be careful with any adhesive, it should not get deep into the hygrolon, otherwise in these areas there will be no moss or plant growth.


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