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  • Only in the category IN FLOWER you will find plants with buds or already in flower.
  • SEEDLINGS we consider plants in 5,5-6,5cm pots. Some mini-orchids are already flowering size, while other plants might need up to 3 year to become flowering size.
  • The ORCHI-PACKS are plastic jars with 3-4 orchid seedlings. A little knowledge and experience is needed to grow these 'babies', since all careful packing does not prevent that plants are tangled up in the jars, we only send ORCHI-PACKS with plants ready to be taken out immediately.
  • Buy 5 SEEDLINGS and/or ORCHI-PACKS and get 20% DISCOUNT immediately, or buy 10 and more, and the program will deduct 33% immediately. The cheapest way to build up a nice orchid collection. ORCHI-PACK and SEEDLINGS can be mixed. This offer does not work with seedlings from other categories.

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18 categories of all kind of orchids waiting for you. These plants are not sold as being IN FLOWER, but most of them are flowering size. You are welcome to order or visit us at a show (see dates) or come to our nursery and pick out the desired plant(s) yourself.

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With 22 categories of accessories we might have the biggest offer in these items for orchids in Europe by now. But still we are working hard to improve and to discover new items we can offer for good prices. In case you miss something, please send us an e-Mail, and we will check, if we can help you.

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Ornamental Plants
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Orchids do not grow alone in the wild, and so they should not grow alone on your windowsill, greenhouse or cabinet. We are offering here a wider range of Tillandsias, rare Lycopodiums and a few ferns, so you can create an environment that your orchids will love.

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