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Plants with soft foliage should be protected from sunlight. A little sun in the early morning or late evening can be tolerated. .
These plants can tolerate a little more sunlight and grow well on an east or west window however, in the summer months must be shaded at mid-day..
In nature orchids in this category are often growing unprotected in the sun. In the greenhouse or conservatories they are often seen suspended high however, these plants should not be exposed to the blazing mid-day sun.


Cool growing orchids that in nature grow at altitudes of 2500 to 3000m. If possible, in the summer it should not be warmer than 22-25°c.  It is advisable to mist spray the plants when it is hot for a long time between May and September
Temperatures around 20°C are ideal for these plants. It should not be warmer than 28°C at night and no colder than 15°C.
These plants naturally grow in hot locations, but they can get used to the temperate climate.


Regular watering and spraying is necessary, but these varieties must dry out between watering.
Plants should be watered and sprayed regularly, they don't mind to be dry a day or two.
Orchids that may not be in the growth phase, (resting) and left dryer longer. The humidity must not be low. These plants will not tolerate water-logging


Relative to the genus minimum concentration and only alternate watering.
Specified dosage as indicated on fertiliser. Orchi-Fit provides the optimal composition.
Concentration in growth phases increase

Rest period

These orchids do not need rest. They are cultivated throughout the year.
During the winter a little cooler and corresponding minimum watering
Significant reduction in temperature and kept dry.


Depending on weather conditions, these orchids are often perceived as fragrant.
Orchids are odourless

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